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Punta Teno motorbike rides

What about recent ride through the North of Tenerife

It was all Ducati love this day, 4 of us riding italian horses.

Quick meet up at the gas station for petrol and a fast coffee which is a standard procedure with us.

After checking the route we are ready to burn some rubber.

Ducati guided bike tours Tenerife

We hit the direction to the North by secondary routes so we have a way better views than the highway.

Today we’re not going over the Teide way as it’s pretty cloudy and it will be wet and cold up there.

After some great curvy streets we arrive on the north side of the island and the sun is on our side.

Punta Teno motorbike rides

Once there we make a pitstop at San Marcos, close to Garachico for one of the best, if not the best barraquito on the island.

It mite be the best kept secret around and it sets you back a whopping 1,20€ hehe!

As always we discuss the latest motorcycles news and stuff that happens on the islands involving motorbikes.

We agree to disagree about views upon technical information but always in great fun.

Back on the road we head of to the backside from La Victoria and move up to Las Canadas which is a must in Tenerife with lots for curvy roads and a cherrie on the cake when you arrive on the other side of Teide.

Beautiful views from the backside, still lots of snow and with an amazing glance of sun all over.

Punta Teno Tenerife motorbike tour

Its a great feeling to ride your bike with those beautiful views and to share this with my friends and clients.

Heading out back home and having the best views ever from up high, with some islands peaking through the clouds.

Motorbike guided tour Tenerife

Great ride, great day with great people!

And thats how you should ride and enjoy a grand trip.

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