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Ready for a little ride to Punta de Teno

Today we are setting up for a short but fun ride for sure. After work ride, perfect afternoon, nice and sunny and no darkness till 20:30.

So perfect on my opinion.

Ducati bikes for rent in Tenerife

I left all fuelled up and ready to burn some rubber.

The route for this afternoon is up to the northeast side of the island and up hill on the old roads, which used to be the main roads in the old days between all the villages.

Motorbikes for rent Tenerife

They have all replaced the bad parts and now it’s smooth sailing on brand new asphalt. Lots of curves and speedy straights between so never a boring part.

On half way i always make a small snack stop in a local bar with the typical old men and farmers.

After that back on the bike and more rubber-burning.

This trip is more or less a 3 hour trip with great views over the island and valleys.

A must route and especially for afternoon rides perfect fit.

Punta Teno Tenerife


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