It all began many years ago as a teenager I fell in love with motorcycle world, in my case with Ducati. I was far away from having one, but the love and passion were set on that moment.

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In 1999 I bought my first Ducati, a Ducati Monster 600 and after just a few weeks and rides I felt that extra raw power is needed, so I changed it for a Ducati Monster 900.

That was it, sold forever!

In 2005 I ended up in Tenerife and the first few years I didn’t have any bike, but one day I felt it was the moment, so I’ve found myself a cracking Monster 620 which I really gave lots of love and adjustments.

I used it daily, everywhere I go was with my trusty Ducati.

Days-off, Sundays, afternoons, sunny evenings I was driving around the island and discovering everytime more and more routes and beautiful places to enjoy whilst riding that Ducati.

I noticed by the years that most of foreign bikers would just drive up to the most typical places to see and just run back and that was it for them.

But all the hidden gems, fascinating views, the curves, the rides are not always on the popular destinations. In Canary islands it’s almost always sunny, warm and dry all year around and many foreigners need to deal with weather circumstances in their countries and most of them would only ride on good conditions only a few days a year!

What if I can show them, take them out and share with them that joy of the ride I get.

On top of that with the classic awesome bike such as Ducati Monster!

Well this was the start of my project, the joy of driving that Ducati all over the island with it’s secret places and views. From ocean views to the mountains, woods, cliffs, volcanos.

The 8 Stones was set up as my view of making possible for you to join us and enjoy the motorcycle ride how you always wanted.